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Monday, May 18, 2009

Keeping Positive by Keeping Active

(This is a companion post to Jim's from last week, written by Sheldon Marder from our Temporary Division.)

Losing your job is more than just losing a paycheck. Most of us structure our lives around our work schedule. So when we become unemployed, it creates a huge void in our daily routine. The longer it takes us to secure new employment, either full-time or temporary, the tougher it becomes to constructively fill the sudden excess of free time. This can lead to a loss of motivation, creating frustration and even depression.

To combat falling into that trap, try putting some structure back into your life. Devote a specific time each day to pursue your job search. In addition to scouring the jobs listings on the Internet and contacting staffing agencies, allot some of your efforts to enhancing your skills or developing new ones by updating your computer software skills. Agencies like Blaine and Associates will email you tutorials and then allow you to test your new found prowess. This will not only make you a more marketable candidate, but it will also allow you to feel more in control of your destiny.

By keeping active and maintaining a structured and proactive approach to your job search, you'll be able to retain a more positive outlook.

And remember, employers hire positive-thinking candidates!

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