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Blaine and Associates

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who's Hiring?

Hot question. On the surface, it doesn't seem like anyone is still hiring these days, as any of you who have done the countless job fairs and resume workshops can attest. However, there are still jobs to be had in this new economic world of ours. I've been doing some research and come up with some tips on how to target companies that might be hot to hire!

1. Government Contracts are all the rage. In an effort to stimulate the economy, billions of dollars have been pumped into government programs and the companies lucky enough to get a contract for one of these projects are flush with hiring cash. Look for companies who specialize in defense contracting, scientific research and road/infrastructure planning and construction.

2. Top-Tier IT Firms. With the smaller, less stable competition folding, the big guns in the IT industry are stronger than ever. A few of them (names withheld to protect the innocent) never implemented the hiring freezes that have been almost standard across the country in the last year. In addition those the heavy hitters, companies that specialize in social networking, cell phone entertainment and applications, and data transfer and storage companies are stronger than ever.

3. Mid-Range Retailers. Again, I'm not dropping any names, but the larger, "family-priced" clothing retailers are still recording profits across the board. Corporate headquarters for one prominent corporation (in the Bay Area, hint hint) have pages of career openings on their website...

4. Utility Companies have always been hot here in California, the country's most populous state, where providing heat, water and natural gas to our 37 million residents is a constant challenge. With the current trend towards "green" efficiency, companies are starting to pump big dollars into revamping their processes now in order to save money later.

5. Sad to say, but the foreclosure crisis has led to an upswing for Rental and Storage Companies. As families move out of their homes into (hopefully) temporary apartments, the bulk of the "stuff" needs to go into storage. And as people move all across the country following jobs and family, do-it-yourself moving solutions from rental trucks to POD transportation have noticed a sharp increase in 2009.

6. Companies that help you save money. No-brainer, right? Only what are these companies? Primarily web-based (and free to use), there's been a massive increase in sites dedicated to balancing your budget, cutting household costs and helping you find the best deal. Advertising dollars are pouring in as user registration hits an all-time high.

These are just of the few of the industries that came up in my research. If you haven't reached out to any of them, I suggest you make sure your resume lands on a desk sometime soon!

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