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Blaine and Associates

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To Temp or Not To Temp

That IS the question. Or more accurately, what I've been hearing a lot on the phone recently: What is temping?

Good question!

Temp work is a lot of things. A temporary way to fill an office position while the company searches for a full-time employee, a substitute for vacation time and sick days, a new position for a short-term project where hiring a full-time employee isn't feasible or practical. Usually, assignments are full days, regular business hours, and can last anywhere from a day to several weeks or months. Heck, we even have some temps who have been on assignments for years!

Why would anyone want to stay on a temp job for months or longer?

Everyone has their own reasons for temping. Some people are looking for cash flow while they search for a full-time position, others are happy to have a "day job" while they follow other pursuits and enjoy feeling that their time away from their job is their own.

Who temps?

Who doesn't? We have actors and actresses who like the flexibility of short term assignments because they can turn down a job if it conflicts with an audition or acting gig. We have temps who are new to the work force - just out of school and looking for experience in a difficult job market. We have people who are looking for a career change who need to develop skills in a new field. We have people who have "regular" job and do night and weekend special event and convention work with us for extra cash. See? Who doesn't temp?

But do I need to have any special skills to be a temp with Blaine and Associates, Inc?

Not particularly. We are looking for applicants with all levels of experience, education and computer skills. Administrative positions - as well as specialized legal, IT and accounting positions - require MS Word and Excel as well as typing proficiency, but we also staff receptionists, office assistants and registration staff that don't require anything more than a professional appearance and a great attitude.

Um, okay. So I'm ready to temp. What do I do?

Give us a call (310.785.0560) or shoot us an email. Ask for Gretchen who does all our appointment scheduling and she will set you up. Yes, it is that easy!

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